Saturday, January 29, 2011

share worthy

I just stumbled across a FANTASTIC website that I must share:

Eat Right Ontario

That's right! This site is brought to you by the government of Ontario. Apparently the government felt it was finally time to educate the Ontario public that poutine is not a food group and we really should be consuming more water and less product from the Molson and Labatt breweries between meals! I jest. This really is a cool site.

The service was designed to provide easy-to-use nutrition information to help improve the health and quality of life of residents of Ontario (or anyone with internet access, really!) through healthy eating. The site includes a wealth of nutrition tools, and offers many additional resources to support you in developing healthy eating habits. All the material is provided by Registered Dieticians.

1. Featured Articles on Food and Nutrition
The site includes a wide range of interesting topics that are updated on a regular basis. FAQs ask the questions you should be asking.

2. Ask a Registered Dietician a question by email or phone
EatRight Ontario allows you to ask nutrition-related questions and receive feedback by phone or email from a Registered Dietitian. I gave this feature a test-run the other day. I inquired about serving sizes for the less common fruits (pomegranate, dates, star fruit) and was pleased to see a detailed response in my inbox within 3 days (including links to additional helpful articles on serving sizes).

3. Customized, Interactive Meal Plans
My favourite feature of this site! Enter your gender, age, and specify your eating requirements from a detailed list of options (including weight loss, athlete, or simply low-cost eating for 1 or 2!), and away you go....a fully interactive meal plan! The meal plan allows you to swap meals, get recipes in an instant and even create a shopping list in an instant.

It is so refreshing to see government and Big Business across the globe focusing on the issue of healthy eating. From Michelle Obama's ability to turn her White House garden to soapbox, to Walmart's recent announcement of healthy food options (though I'm still a little skeptical of this one!). Seeing resources like this available help knock down excuses and empower us to make better choices.

And now, a quick update on MOI:
Diet: average
Exercise: average
Weight loss: average (-2)
Running: nada (temps hit -24C or -13F last week and are just now warming up!)
Attitude: humble
Stress level: high

I'm looking forward to enjoying the weekend after a 70-hour work week. I'm going to use the time to recharge and get out there for a good run or two.

Have a good one!


  1. Get out and get it done...time to shovel then run...

  2. Cool site. I can't help but think when the government is paying for health care, they're motivated to have healthier people. Our recent health care debate in the US was entirely about universal coverage (which we do need), but very, very little about prevention of health problems in the first place.

    And on a side note, I always wondered if Canadians us Now I know! ;-)

  3. Have fun on your run this weekend!

  4. Thanks for the share. Hope your stress level moves to low. Have a great weekend.

  5. Thanks for sharing that Rae. That's the best thing our province has put out in ages. I've got it bookmarked now. Cheers, Rick

  6. Je suis desole Madamoisselle. J'adore La Canadian. J'ai oublier tout mon francais :-(

  7. Hope you are having a great weekend! With temps like that I can easily see why nada on the running. Hopefully you'll get a break there and can get running soon, may help with the high stress.

  8. don't let the stress get to ya!

  9. What funny timing! I was listening to the Adam Carolla podcast during my run, and a Canadian actor was on. They were talking about poutine. I had never heard of it until that conversation - so now when you mention it I know what you're talking about!

  10. Poutine? Never heard of it. Thank goodness, it looks like worms with sauce on it!! Yikes!!! I'm all for yourself from that stuff!!!

    Hope you were able to get out and do something fun!!

    Keep focused!!!

  11. Hey there! This looks like a great site. I enjoy It is pretty great.

    Thanks for stopping by REAL FAT. Always love to hear from you!

  12. Thank you for visiting the EatRight Ontario website and sharing the information with others. We work hard to bring credible and interesting information to Ontario residents!