Saturday, April 9, 2011

random updates

1. Oh hi!!! There you are, never-ending hunger that shows up every time I run more than 10 miles per week. Good to see you again!

2. This is the time of year when I always wish I had the foresight to plant more bulbs for tulips and crocus in the Fall. By the time Fall rolls around again, I will forget this feeling and the cycle will start over again.

3. I'm going on a well-deserved vacation with Hubs next week. Anyone care to guess where?

4. I lost 3 pounds during the Hard 10 challenge. Now, how do I lose another 30-lbs quick before I go away next week?

Hope everyone had a great week!


  1. haha. 30 pounds. Hmmm, you'll have to pull more than a hard 10, that's for srue!

    Congrats on the loss; have fun on your vacation; and I hate when I'm hungry!


  2. Great job with the Hard 10! Vacation sounds awesome ... looks like fun!

  3. Jealous! A vacation sounds lovely!

  4. Never ending hunger and weight loss. Good for you. Must make all the running worth it. Have fun on your vacation! I went somewhere less tropical this week - will post about it tomorrow.

  5. That vacation spots looks perfect. Where is it?

  6. LOL - enjoy your vacation just the size you are! But if you do figure out how to lose 30 lbs in a week, feel free to send that info my way ;)

  7. Vacation is going to be awesome! Have a great time!!

    And you are not alone - I have one long run and I end up wanting to eat EVERYTHING!

  8. 3 lbs? YAY!!! I need to look into that challenge...I need to look into most anything actually - hehe.

    Um, Fiji?? Can I come?!?!?

    30 lbs by next week...hum...go to the sauna and do not come out before you leave. :)

  9. I'm with you on the bulb thing. I do the same thing ~ every year!!!! Hey, lets remind each other in the fall and get the bulbs planted. We will be so happy next year!!!

    Great job on the weight loss. So awesome!!! Enjoy your vacation. I have to say, I'm a little jealous! Have a fantastic time!

    Keep focused!

  10. Hey Rae,

    Ran more than 10 miles- awesome. Lost 3lbs- awesome. Kick the craving/hunger thoughts to the curb and have an awesome awesome vacation!

    :) Kat

  11. Congrats on the loss!!!! I can't wait to hear about your vacation! Have a blast!!!
    I KNOW!!! I KNOW!! EVERY single year I say I am goingto plant tons of tulips and lots of the bulb spring flowers... and I NEVER do! Maybe this will be the year!
    Have a pretty day!

  12. have fun on the deserved vacation...hey, call me when you get the 30pounds in a week trick!

  13. Hope you are having a great vacation, but I miss seeing you around the blog world:)