Friday, July 23, 2010

255.5 (-2.5)

I have no confidence in my scale. I stepped on it this morning to get a reading of 253. What!? Not possible!!! I got on again to see 258, then 254.8...oh boy. I tried to be as consistent as possible in how I stood on the thing, took the average of 5 weights, and this is what I ended up with.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good, reliable scale?

This will be a short post. I'm heading back up to my inlaw's cottage for the weekend. Did I mention my parents are coming?? Yup. Don't worry - this isn't one of those awkward situations. I get along with my inlaws famously. They are great people and really enjoy seeing my family. It only happens a handful of times each year. They are very different from my parents on so many levels though. I hope the thunderstorms that have been looming in the forecast hold off so that we're not all stuck in the cottage trying to find things to do. I need to do my daily swim across the bay, after all. ;)

Have a great weekend!!


  1. I have that same problem every now and then with my scale. I have decided If I get 2 weights are close enough together I take the higher weight. I am to cheap to go buy a new scale...LOL.

    Have an awesome weekend!

  2. My scale started doing the same thing about six months ago--after two years of perfection. :( I'm looking for a used MD office scale.

    I do the average thing, too, unless the scale registers the same weight twice and it's about mid range of the other weights. sighhhhhh


  3. I just bought a new digital scale this week and I am taking it back. It is giving me that many different readings. They say as long as you use the same scale to weigh in each week you will get consistent reults but when the silly things changes 5 times in the space of 5minutes well thats not good! Think I will just stick to my original scale that only gives me o the nearest kg or pound but is at least consistent.

  4. I have the same problem, which is one of the reasons I had to hide my scale. I become obsessed with the changing number. I'm looking for a good new scale too!! Let me know if you find one!!

  5. I haven't had that happen with my scale before... I have a digital one. It's glass and from Wal-Mart.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Holy moly! It's definitely time for a new one. I got mine from Target and it's been great - glass with a digital display...I wish I could remember the name of it.

    Sorry. :(

    But 2.5 pound loss is fantastic - you have MUCH to be proud of!

  7. I have a health-o-meter scale. I've been very happy with it for years now.