Friday, July 16, 2010

258 (-3.0)

She's baaaaaa-aaack!

Hey everyone. I've just returned from vacation and I'm so excited to be posting about a loss. Trading in 8 to 10-hours per day of desk time for swimming, golf and walking is apparently enough to offset the odd ice cream cone, beer and licorice (Super Nibs to be specific!). I've had a fantastic couple of weeks and the weight loss is a bonus. In addition to cottaging, we went to see the Toronto Blue Jays play some baseball, visited with friends and family, went trout fishing, golfed our butts off and enjoyed our summer freedom.

It seems a lot has been happening in Blogland while I was away, so I promise to get around and see what everyone has been up to. I love reading all of your stories for inspiration and motivation and, selfishly, I think I'll need some of that to get back "on plan" in the week ahead!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Welcome back and nice loss after vacation! It's nice when you lose it with "natural" exercise - that is activities you do to enjoy, rather than to lose weight.

  2. Rae, It sounds like you had a FABULOUS vacation! And a loss! AWESOME!
    750 sq ft! I would love that! YES! Cleaning it in an hour and less $$$ ~ perfect.
    We start excavating for the nw house tomorrow so I am so excited!
    Thanks for your comment!
    Have a pretty night!

  3. Way to go on your loss!!! Keep up the good work, and WELCOME back!

  4. I told you that swim would be more beneficial than you gave it credit for! Perhaps we should all be vacationing a little more- good for the soul AND the waistline! Happy to have you back!

  5. Congrats on your loss!! That's always a great feeling to know you lost weight on vacation :-)

    Thanks so much for your comment!! I can't wait to read your blog & hope you can "thinspire" me, as well!!


  6. Wow...losing weight while on vacation? And the news hasn't run something about this?

    You should be proud...way to buck the trends!

  7. Way to go on your weight loss - Even on vacation!!! That is so encouraging!! Thanks for following me. I look forward to going through this journey with you!! Hugs!

  8. So glad you had a great Vacation!

  9. Rae- You are always so encouraging for me! Thank you! I would love to share emails with you if you are interested. My email is :)

  10. I love that! I was shocked too when I lost weight in Hawaii this year but we just walked everywhere all the time which I definitely can't do at my desk job :)

  11. Congrats on the lost!! yeepee~