Friday, September 10, 2010

240 (0)

Zip. Zero. Zilch. My first goose egg. I’d love to say that it’s been a tough week in Rae-land, but I’d be lying. Truth is, I didn’t give 100% this week and it showed on the scale. The scary thing is that I can’t even pinpoint exactly what went wrong:
- I ate pretty well. 1500 calories most days

- I exercised pretty well. Logged 6 miles this week doing 2 sessions of Cto5k

- I drank water

Wait a minute. SCRATCH THAT! Who am I kidding? I know exactly what went wrong:
- I only tracked my food 4/7 days, and I darn well bet that I went over on the days I didn’t track

- I only did two days of my running program when I should have done at least 3 like I intended

- I didn’t drink nearly as much water as I normally do. Maybe 1L per day instead of my usual 2L.

- I didn’t strength train at all.

This is evidence that I can’t continue to do as I have done and still expect to see progress. I really need to push myself for the week ahead and go get some results. Yes – results. Those things you have to chase down, the things that don’t just fall into your lap while you slack off. Doing things half-assed isn’t going to get me to my goal. I think I need to spend some time this weekend reminding myself of why I’m doing this! This is no time to give up.

I’m going to post this to my fridge and my office wall this week to remind myself “Most people never run far enough on their first wind to realize they’ve got a second”:

I hope you’re all having a better week than me!



  1. chin up, take it for what it is and move on, make this day better than the last.

  2. Awe Friend, we all have them!!! Keep at it. You will have a better week. Just focus!!!! Lets get this done!!!!

    YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!


  3. Hang in there girly! Everyone has not so good weeks...I had 2 in a row...this week I did better! Just look ahead to next week and make the changes you need to.

  4. As long as you don't give are moving in the right direction!

    It is a NEW WEEK! So yeah for a new go kick some butt!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Out of curiosity, which week are you on with the C25K? I hardly ever logged that many miles with it - especially in just 2 runs, so I think you're doing great!

  6. The good news is that you didn't have a gain. :)

    The better news is that you now know that, although you can lose at eating 1500 calories a day--you can't have some 1500s and some MORE than 1500s and lose. Good info. 1500 cals might be your upper limit that still allows a loss.

    The best news is that you aren't giving up, you're buckling down. :D Wahoo, you.


  7. ~RR: I'm on week 7 or 8 of the program. I have a hard time keeping track because I haven't been following it perfectly...just keep adding running time each week! I do a 5min warmup, 5 sets of 5-minute intervals and then a 5-10min cool down. That seems to take me about 5k each time.

  8. I can't wait to see what next will bring you! Have a great weekend ;)

  9. I like the saying on that poster. It's good you didn't have a gain. Don't let this get you down.

  10. Each day is a new opportunity to do better.

    What do you use to track the food you eat? Do you prepare meals and have a menu and stick to it, or do you just write down whatever you put into your "pie hole"?

    I'm guessing if you didn't track it means you don't have a preset menu. That may help you in the future. Some people need that for weight-loss (like me).

  11. Dang - I hate nada weeks - keep up the good work!

  12. @Andrew: I tend to plan my dinners for the week and take leftovers for lunch the next day. You're right - I didn't plan for a few days and it left me scrambling! I'm going to set aside some time this weekend to get a plan in place (and actually do the grocery shopping to support it!). Thanks for your comment!

  13. Rae, Yes, I feel so much better! It's only been 13 days, but the last couple of days I feel incredible. I don't know if it was giving up the sodas or drinking more water or the regular exercise? Maybe it's a little bit of everything, but I do believe giving up the diet soda is having a positive effect on how I am feeling. It's great!

  14. Keep at it gorgeous!!!! You identified the problem, how easy it is to kind of "fudge" it, and now you're changing it. You are a success!

  15. No loss, but you are very aware of why, and that can be really motivating. Good luck this week! You can do it. And congrats on your 12 lb loss by Labour Day. That's so great!

  16. Embrace the ZERO! It's ok. I think that, when our bodies have been working so hard to lose weight for us, they just need a breather sometimes.

  17. Rae, keep going! Just keep thinking health and you can do this!!!
    Have a pretty day!

  18. Glad you reflected on what went well and what didn't. You'll get back on course in no time!

  19. You can do this. I know that losing nothing is frustrating but at least you didn't gain. I track my food 5/7 days a week. Saturday and Sunday are more like mental tracking days. However, I still am aware of what I am eating. Hoping this week is better for you. Thanks for your support on my blog.

  20. I'm having a week exactly the same. I think I just craved comfort - how stupid! I seem to be over it now, I hope. Hope this week is better for you :-)