Sunday, November 14, 2010

'movember virtual run

I took part in a virtual challenge today which allowed me to get in 5k towards my monthly goal. I decided to join Kelly virtually, as she issued a challenge to runners. She will be participating in a run to benefit and raise awareness for prostate cancer; a disease her dad is fighting. Such a fantastic cause!
My husband is actually growing a mustache in support of 'Movember - his theory is that everyone is sick of charity runs and walks, so the men at his school are sporting the 'stache and raising funds. To each his own. I still have some run left in me. ;)

The "before" shot:

Moment of Proof shot - yes, I did this one indoors given some thunderstorms:

The "After" shot. Sweat. It. OUT! <3

Ladies - has anyone else noticed some serious boob shrinkage on this journey? I know they're just fat and therefore it makes sense for them to go....but come on!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend. If you didn't catch my travel survival tips, click here.


  1. Serious! My husband complains continually about the boob shrinkage. I miss my big boobs, but that's the only thing I miss about that body 91 pounds ago.

    Way to virtually run! How tech savvy Rae!!!!

  2. Good for you on your 5k!!! I did a 5k today too. I set myself that goal that I would run 25 miles by Thanksgiving. It didnt seem like that much back on the 2nd of this month but time is passing by and I am getting behind!!!

    Keep up the great work.


  3. Virtual run is a great idea. Mustaches? Not great. ;-) And as a guy losing weight, I welcome that thing you mention at the end! :0

  4. You're probably going to hate me for this... but my boobs haven't really shrunk. I've lost 4" off of them, but I keep losing in my waist/abdomen/hip area more, so it looks like my boobs are actually getting bigger. (a secret fear of mine was I would lose all my boobies )

    Good job on a 5k Rae, I can't even begin to imagine myself doing that. You rock some serious socks!! Run an extra for me ;) I'm tired just looking at that hahaha

  5. Look at you! Awesome job gettin some sweatn on for Kelly. oh, and I have seen my moobs shrink along this journey myself :-)

  6. Good for you!!! You look so happy.

    I like my boobs I the only one??

  7. Way to go on the run!! You did awesome!

    I totally miss my boobs and they are the first thing I plan to fix once I hit goal. And well win the lottery....damn reality!

  8. Awesome job on your 5K!

    Yes, my boobs are gone! I lost a bunch of weight since I had my boys, and I'm told all the time by people that I don't have boobs anymore. That's ok with me though!

  9. Um, YES! I was already a small-chested girl. Now? Nothing! But I guess then that makes sports bra shopping pretty darn easy!

  10. Thanks so much for participating! You did an awesome job!

  11. Worth the loss!!! Keep going! Sucks though doesn't it!
    Have a pretty day!

  12. I am definitely starting to notice the shrinking of the boob.. all I have to say is "if it's proportional it's fine... if I'm losing chest and not waist (or hip) we need to change that!" LOL

    Great job!

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  14. Sorry, had to delete that post when I put loose instead of lose. Anyway, what I said was, I'm happy to lose the boobs. I started as a D and I'm hoping to end up a B. I absolutely hate a boob shelf!

  15. Yay!! So happy I've now found your blog too!! You are awesome!! Yay on the treadmill run!!!!!!

  16. I just bought 7 new bras. I don't mind losing the bigger boobs, as I get older they're just gonna stare at the floor anyway. :)