Friday, November 5, 2010

i'm scared

On Sunday I will be packing my bags and heading to San Diego for one week. This is my first lengthy business trip in quite a while and I'm feeling a little uneasy about the whole situation. My current paranoia is revolving around the following uncertainties:

1. Will my butt fit in the airplane seat?
2. What will a week of restaurant food do to my progress?
3. What will five days of 8am-7pm meetings do to my butt!?

But what really sent panic through me was the following email, sent by the coworker who is travelling with me:

"I have good intetions: I'm throwing my work-out gear/running shoes into the suitcase. I am not a long distance "runner", but I can fake the Running Room's run for x minutes, walk for x minutes approach. It might be nicer to get outside vs. the hotel gym?? And my biggest motivator is peer pressure - Rae ...!!!! "

*GULP* She wants to run with me?? You'd think I'd be super-stoked to have a running buddy. Thing is, my coworker is probably 110 pounds soaking wet. I know she claims she is not a runner, but this girl plays soccer and does boot camps. Hardcore. And she has work-out gear. GEAR! She is going to wipe the floor with me! I am seriously terrified of making a fool of myself in front of her.

I am still doing the couch to 5k program. I haven't graduated much farther than running for 7 or 8 minutes with walking breaks in between. Am I "faking it"? I love running with my friend down the street, but that's because we're both complete turtles.

What have I gotten myself in for? And why am I acting all psyched-out about this? It's not as if I haven't been putting in some miles lately. I hate that I still feel like the completely unfit fat chick being picked last for sports in high school.

Of course, I replied to her note with the promise of fabulous ocean-side runs...daily. If nothing else, I have to get my Throwdown miles in (Katie is edging ahead of me and I am not liking it! tee hee).

Now, who has some business travel tips for me?



  1. Wow! You're lucky Rae. Serious. a running buddy while getting paid to work and go on a mini vacation?! you go girl. and hey if you're careful enough at the restaurants then maybe both you and your co-worker may be able to squeeze into ONE WHOLE seat on the plane heading home! hahahaha

  2. I think it's a great plan to run everyday! You'll do great Rae! Don't be anxious, it will be great. Also, if you know where you'll be eating sometimes it's helpful to look up calories ahead of time online if it's available.

  3. Hey, it's gonna be fine. I know it sounds scary and it might be, but I think it'll motivate you!


  4. Hi I just got home from two weeks on the road for work. It is hard! I finally have the airport/plane/restaurant stuff down pretty well but I struggle with the stupid lunches that other people order and have brought in to the conference rooms...and the CRAP people have in those conf rooms. Donuts, cookies. brownies...I hate being stuck in a room with that garbage. So for me just knowing it will be a challenge and having a plan really helps. You will do great - don't forget to drink water too! I always come back dehydrated and retaining water :-(

  5. You know what??? SCORE!!! You just got yourself a FREE personal trainer!!! That's what skinny runner girl is. Tell yourself that! Yay, you!!! Run, girl, run!! It is so going to help you in the Throwdown too! See, it's a blessing!

    And, your butt will be fine! :)

  6. When I started running, I would slow down as soon as I saw another runner approaching, so I wouldn't make a fool of myself. Yes, my brain is crazy like that.

    Then I realized that the only person I am competing with is myself. The lazy self. That's the only one I have to keep up with and overtake, eventually.

    Good luck, and have fun with your trip!

  7. Have fun in San Diego. I lived there for 13 years or so and it is a great place. Still miss it.

    Travis from accepted the Throwdown Challenge. Is that offer for a Throwndown Graphic still on the table?

  8. Raegun, You've totally got this!! Don't let this mess with your head. Start thinking you are more like a Cheetah!! You go with the attitude that you can do this. You fight with everything you have and get it done. YOU CAN DO IT. I totally believe in you!!!!

  9. Oh. I have no tips--but lots of sympathy! I can imagine myself getting worked up about all of that, too.

    I'd give you the positive sping that this travel buddy will be an encouragemnet for you rather than someone who will drag you down weight loss wise. And that now you'll have to ante up with the running. But you know that.

    I could also tell you that she really won't expect you to keep up with her. She won't.

    You may even want to suggest lovely strolls rather than runs so you can take in the scenery!

    Yes. That sounds good. :D Lovely, peaceful, stress-rreducing, scenery-viewing strolls. :D

    I feel for you. :} I also think it will turn out much better than your anxiety is telling you. I do.

    Hey, thanks for the comment on my post. I had a quote already in my picture folder to put up on the next post about needing to know where you want to go in order to get there. So your comment was right on board with my thinking. Naturally, I liked that. :)

    Prayed for you and your trip!


  10. San Diego is one ofmy fave cities to visit. So much to do and some of the best weather no matter what time of year. Being in SD, or anywhere other than home, does not change who you are and what you are capable of. Here, there, anywhere; you know what it takes to be healthy and have fun doing it. If it helps, blog more often this week and let us know how it is going, we'll be here for you... Safe travels!

  11. OK I'm struggling with my response here..DON'T RUN...I mean...DO RUN...I mean I WANNA WIN!! LOL. I say go for it! It's always better to be paired with someone who will push you to be better. 110 pounds is a definite PUSH! You can do this! =)

  12. San Diego has some great restaurants and is a tough place to vacation, but you'll do great.

  13. Hope you have a great trip...can't wait to hear abour your runs :)

  14. Travel tips! In the restaurants, ask for the calorie info and don't be afraid to special order! I find that many of my coworkers are excited to find that someone is wiling to ask for the nutritional info and many would love some support in eating well themselves.

    I always pack a lot of my own food too! Not so much for meals, but lots of my own snacks:

    - turkey jerky
    - tuna in the bag (the tuna salad ready to go shockinly only has like 3 grams of fat)
    - whole wheat crackers
    - dried fruit and nuts

    They're all safe to take through security at the airport too!

  15. Man - talk about the ultimate peer pressure! I mean it is even in writing!!