Saturday, October 30, 2010

in a word....

I've had such a crazy week. Things aren't letting up, either. I've decided to capture the highs and lows of the week by sharing a photo and a one-word caption to describe each of the past 7 days. Yes, I am THAT strapped for time today. Here is a snapshot of what has been happening in Rae-land:

1. Delicious
2. F@%&*!!!
3. Spooky
4. Spirit
5. Why??
6. Tradition

Next, a quick update as OktoberFast comes to an end. My goals for the month were to:
1. Avoid the Starbucks drive-thru all month.
I was successful with this challenge. Not only did I avoid my grande americanos, but I avoided ALL drive-thrus. My car was a beverage and food-free zone and I love it!

2. 50 miles on foot
I accomplished 41 miles. At first I felt a little disappointed in this, until I realized this is probably the most I've ever ran in a 31-day period. And hey - we still technically have 1 day left this month, so maybe I'll squeeze in another 4-5miles. ;)

November will soon be upon us. There is still time to find a worthy adversary for the Throwdown!



  1. Good job on the miles and ouch on the car!

  2. Well done on the mileage, good luck on resisting the candy and bummer about the car! Looks pricey.

    I still don't have an adversary for your throwdown, but I need one. Any ideas?

  3. Good job on everything! You did great on your challenges :) And I enjoyed your one-word updates.


  4. Great job with your mileage! I don't have a throwdown partner, but I'm up for the challenge if you know one of your followers that is comparable to me.

  5. What a week! I love the week through pictures though. Well done on he miles. I have a prob with food in the car as well.

  6. Thanks for sending me a partner! :)
    Love the pictures...hope that wasn't your car!

  7. Sounds like you've done well!! 41 miles - amazing!!

    Keep up the great work!!!

  8. 41 miles is great! I am going to start setting little goals for myself too. I jsut posted about it this morning on my blog. And, the car....that totally stinks.


  9. Nice pictures! Cute dog, thanks for sharing! Yes, candy is evil. :-)

  10. Nice summary! Car bingles - bugger!

    Um, I had no idea you could get 'drive thru starbucks'. My gosh, thank god they don't have that here beacuse that would be my guilty drive thru pleasure! Great job on avoiding it! And your running, wow! xx

  11. Candy is very very evil... and it makes turns your elbows orange, or so I have been told. That aint worth it, so stay away!

    Hope the car accident was just a fender bender.

    Have a Great week!

  12. I wanted to thank you for your great idea about the Throwdown Challenge. Travis and I following your lead. Check it out here:

  13. I've never come close to 41 in a single month I don't think. So YAY!!

    And is that a fender bender I see? Boo!!!