Saturday, October 23, 2010

NSVs abound!

This week can only be characterized as The Week of Non-Scale Victories. I managed to lose two pounds this week thanks to my renewed focus on my diet. But more importantly, I started to notice some interesting improvements that have nothing to do with the numbers on the scale:

1. I can take my jeans off without even unbuttoning them.
Yes! The jeans that I purchased not more than 2 months ago can be taken off by simply pulling them down over my hips without stopping to undo them. How did I learn this, you may ask? Well, let's just say that a long car ride and a full bladder resulted in a particularly eager sprint to the bathroom this week. A bit of frantic fumbling and...lo and behold - they're officially too big! The frugal part of me hates this development because I refuse to buy new clothing as the sizes drop (I try to recycle through smaller clothing that I've held onto over the years), but jeans are....essential. Know what I mean?

2. The small bath towel now wraps around me - and stays up!
I may have posted about this in a comment this week, but it is worth sharing again. You see, I have been using "the mammoth" bath towel for quite some time. My husband uses the regular bath towels because....ahem ...they just didn't wrap around me. Well, this week I happened to grab a regular sized towel and YES! It not only wrapped around me, but stayed up as I did my morning routine. No gaping, either. :)

3. I can sit in a booth at my favourite local diner - with room to spare!
It's been a few months since I visited this little restaurant. I used to loathe sitting in the booths because I had a hard time sliding my fat @$$ in and felt the table was right up under my ribcage. Well, it is now comfortable. *sigh of relief*

I know these NSVs may not sound like much to you, but for me, they are incredible feats. They truly illustrate the differences between being 300+ and 240+. I still have a long way to go on this journey, so I'll celebrate these little victories to keep me going. ;)

OktoberFast Challenge Update
I remain drive-thru free for October! I haven't caved to my morning Starbucks ritual yet. I have accomplished 30/50 miles on foot and need to step it up in order to meet my goal by the end of the month.

A Note on Balance
Last week I discussed how I have a hard time focusing on diet and exercise at the same time. It seems to be one or the other for me. This week was no exception. I focused on my diet so much that I let my running slip a little. The chart below illustrates the extent of my exercise commitment! I did manage to get out for two 5ks, but it became an ongoing joke between Hubs and I that I was talking the talk and not walking the walk.

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I LOVE THE CHART...Wow that puts things in perspective!! I have been thinking, talking and dreaming about writing a book. I should do a chart....might get me kick started!!

    I love the jean thing. I'm there too!! Just bought the darn things and they are too big. When I got them, I could hardly breath!!

    Keep up the great work and focus!!!


  2. That chart= hilarious!! ;-)

    I just tried on my 'two sizes too small jeans' this morning and they fit!!! Companies that make jeans really do profit off of all this weight loss, lol.

  3. Ha, I know that chart... and it gets worse during the dark months!

    I don't know too much about your routine, but have you tried setting up an exercise schedule? That's what keeps me going sometimes... (right now, instead, my goal is at least extra minutes of moving every day - either swimming or walking home from the office or... - since I can't summon enough energy for "actual" sports... *sighs*)

    Oh, and these victories are cool! They mean that other people can see you lost weight as well!

  4. Those are great, Rae. I've experienced #1 and #3. Not sure about #2. LOVE the pie chart - I might use that at work, as we spend a lot of time talking, reminiscing, bragging, etc., and not much *doing*.

  5. YAY for NSV's!!!
    PS - I'm probably going to post about the "you-know-what" soon. We should post on the same day! That would be cute and we can link up. Email me!
    PPS - have you been watching BL?!?!? Madness!

  6. LOL, I love the chart. As for your NSV's, they're awesome! Those are all things to be very, very proud of. And of course the 2 lb. loss as well :D


  7. Love the chart! Congrats on the NSV's they are Great!

  8. Love the chart! Congrats on the NSVs!!! You are awesome!

  9. Heh - really like that chart. And those NSV are so great. :)

  10. Buy a new pair of jeans. I finally splurged today and it was totally worth it. These jeans look awesome and make me feel great!

  11. Your chart - you silly girl!
    This is all around an awesome post! I find that sometimes I have to stop checking the scale, and that's when I start noticing those changes - like not unbuttoning clothes, yet still able to go potty. I love those unexpected surprises!

  12. Oh, you've hit on my own favorite NSV!!! I was so thrilled to have a small bath towel wrap around me for the first time since being a preteen! Did you put the towel on and just stand in the bath looking in the mirror? My husband laughs at me: "stop walking around in towel and go get dressed!" LoL!

  13. Whoohoo for the NSV's! I love the bath towel thing. I post about that on my blog too. I call it "closing off the peep show" now that the towel fits!


  14. I love your NSV's and I will never forget when I could finally wrap the bath towel around me. It felt so normal! Congrats Rae!