Friday, October 1, 2010


Well, well, well…no weight loss for me this week, but given I was able to keep off the 5-pounds I dropped due to my cold, I’ll take it!!

This marks the first day of a new challenge I’ve decided to embark on:

Designed by Big Clyde and Patrick, this choose-your-own-adventure challenge is going to help Yours Truly commit to a few focused short-term goals:

1. I will log 50 miles (on foot) this month
I have been slacking off on my running since I was sick and I need a proverbial kick in the butt to get back on track. A goal of 50 miles will force me to get in three sessions of Couch-to-5k per week. Who knows – maybe this will be the month I actually ‘graduate’ the program. I will need to throw in a few bonus 5ks to reach this mileage. I’m already envisioning a few long hikes in the crisp Fall air! :)

2. I will be drive-thru free this month
Nope – this has nothing to do with convenience “meals”. It has everything to do with reducing my insane caffeine intake. I’ve been drinking 2-3 HUGE coffees per day, primarily when behind the wheel. Coffee has become an absolute necessity to get me through my commute. So much so that I’ve actually conditioned myself to seek coffee whenever I’m in a car. Just the other day I berated Hubs for not enabling me by stopping for coffee before we got on the highway for a long drive. Poor guy. To be honest, this is going to be the most difficult of the two goals. I could almost hear Starbucks calling to me this morning as I drove past. Here she comes! Wait a minute. What the…? Rae?! What will you do without your Grande Americano?” *tear*

Finally, in the true spirit of Octoberfest, I am going to feature seasonal meals that include beer as much as possible in my weekly recipe posts. Join me next Tuesday for stewy-goodness! Miam!

And remember…

A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure!
– Czech proverb

Have a great weekend!


  1. Good luck Rae!!! If I can give up soda, you can do coffee

  2. I think it's so great that you kept off the 5 pounds you lost while sick. Awesome job! Good luck with your October can do it!

  3. lol Rae "wait come baaaack"

    I honestly dont get starbucks, or why people drink it. Im not a coffee fan in any sense of the word. the strongest drink i like is hot chocolate with marshmallows. mmm mallows... im doing c25k too but on my bike because im a big wussy and hate running :)

  4. I can totally identify with your coffee fixation--I live in Seattle where coffee is a lifestyle! Stay strong! Once you've conditioned your brain to seek out a food, it's tough to get back to normal. If you give in too soon, you'll just reinforce your need for it. Maybe you could try new ways to commute to help avoid the car and Starbucks? Or maybe a new route that takes you far, far away from Starbucks?

  5. Good luck with your challenge! I'd totally love to join in on that, but with my going on vacation at the end of the month I know I'll start getting distracted and forget to focus on it.

    I'm crossing my fingers for you on not getting caffeine withdrawals!

  6. Hi Raegun, not sure how weve missed each other while blogging in the same circles but were connected now. Love the proverb :-)

    Have a good weekend!

  7. I love the drive thru free idea!

  8. Rae, I share your Starbucks habit. I don't do the expensive drinks or the sugary drinks, but I have their supercaffinated brew WAY too much. Have been trying to cut back, but it's such an important part of my routine. I think it's putting me on an energy roller coaster, so I need to cut back, at least.


    and when I read your coffee goal, i actually stopped before the end of the paragraph to get a sip of my own coffee. :P


  10. Hi!
    Thanks for the comment. I love that you have recipes on Tuesdays. I'm always trying to find a way to liven up my meals.
    Good luck with your off-caffeine challenge!

  11. Great challenge, Rae. I am still trying to stop the caffeine. It isn't easy.

  12. Good luck! You can do it.

    Thanks for all your nice comments over on my blog!


  13. Hey Rae, do you hike alone, or are you part of a club. I think, the more people get involved, the more fun you all make, the more it becomes an enjoyable part of life and keeps you at it.

    I don't know where you could find a group like this, but you could try a running/walking room store or a mountain co-op store. dunno - just an idea

    Good Luck!

  14. Love your goals...and too funny about your coffee!

  15. Those are some awesome goals! And woohoo for the no-drive-thru! Every time I want to get something that I know isn't good for me, I think of that commercial where the kids are all playing soccer and one of them is a large french fry box and the mom says "He seems a little slow today ... maybe we shouldn't have stopped at the drive-through"
    LOL, I hope you know what I'm talking about, but if not, you get the point. Fast food slows you down.