Friday, October 15, 2010

progress, soccer hotties & the perfect running song

Sorry for being MIA this past week - things have been insane at work. I've hardly had time to breathe let alone blog. In the spirit of a frantic Friday, let me get some stuff off my chest rapid-fire style!

1. The scale finally moved. It's only a one-pound loss, but I'll take it! I didn't think it was possible to hit a plateau with this much weight to loose, but here I am. Oh wait...was I supposed to be tracking calories?!?

2. I think I may have found the perfect running song. Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. That's it playing right now (well, unless you've muted my player!). It has been perfectly crafted to match my running pace and kicks it into high-gear right when I do. Wicked! What are your favourite running tunes?

3. OktoberFast Challenge Update: I have remained drive-thru free for October and I am slowly working towards my goal of 50 miles on foot for the month. To date I've managed 20/50. Looks like I have some catching up to do for the next two weeks!

4. Hubs scored two premium tickets to the final Home game for the Toronto FC which takes place tomorrow. Apparently the Reds have never beaten Columbus in nine attempts, so my hopes aren't least there will be some eye candy. Have you ever noticed that all soccer players are HOT? Must be all that running! ;)

That's it folks! I'm looking forward to catching up with your blogs this weekend.



  1. I went to the drive-thru on Wednesday. I felt so guilty, but it tasted soooo good! It should be a crime to sell mozzarella sticks at a drive-thru I tell you!

    Hip hip hooray for the scale finally getting its act together and moving down for ya! ;)

  2. So glad the scale is rewarding you for your hard work!

  3. YES! Take the pound loss! That is great! Drive thru free- awesome!!!!!
    You are right , I do not follow soccer at all, but .. yes! They ARE hot! heehee!
    I don't know that song , adn yes.. you are on mute. I will check it out. I do NOT run, but I love to listen to Black Betty for some reason when I work out. Isn't that funny.
    Have a pretty day!

  4. TFC is a great sports event - nothing can match the environment except maybe the Ti-Cats at Ivor Wynne stadium in Hamilton in the mid 80s.

    1 pound gone!!!!

  5. Fortunately fast food has never been a problem for me. I'm more likely to fall for all the great homemade treats...

    And there are no running songs for me. When I go jogging, I prefer to listen to the woods around me. But then I haven't done much jogging lately, due to bad knees and a nasty cold... going to find me some other ways of torture....

  6. Way to go on the drive through AND the miles challenges! I know from experience that they are both very hard. You can do it!

  7. A 1-lb loss is still a loss! Congrats you! :)

    As for the soccer hotties, I'm with ya on that. Running, kicking, short shorts... Oh yeah! Hope the games a great one!

  8. I'm reading while my kids are playing video games. They like the tune. The Seattle Sounders FC play it at their home games and the fans sing it.

  9. All I have to say is you are awesome and I don't even know you! You made me feel so much better! Oh and congratulations on a 1 pound loss!
    Sheri :D

  10. Seven Nation Army is so good. I was in Italy a few months after they won the World Cup in soccer and I was told that the beginning notes were part of their fight song. They played it in all the clubs and everyone chanted and went insane. Those Italians sure do love their soccer :)
    Congrats on the 1 lb. loss!


  11. Congrats on the 1 pound drop. As well on progressing on teh October challenge - miles, keep gettin those miles. As for the soccer, all I have to say, is Go Chicago Fire Go!

  12. Ooo, I haven't tried running to Seven Nation Army before, but I'll be trying it this week. I love running music! Some of my favs: Evacuate the Dancefloor by Cascada and Let's Get Loud by JLo.