Monday, June 14, 2010

267 (-1.6)

I'm down about one pound this week. To be honest, my first reaction to seeing this number on the scale was "One stinkin' pound!? That's IT?? But I was soooo 'good' this week." I suppose I expected the pounds to come off more quickly than they have been.

Then, I shook it off and decided to focus on the following facts:
1. I lost weight.
2. I didn't gain weight.
3. I didn't maintain.
4. I lost.


Ok...on to the next week!



  1. four perfectly good reasons to be happy, i think! xx

  2. Rae, shake it off ! Breath! You don't realize it but a pound is awesome! That is one pound you aren't carrying! That is one pound of success! Keep going!!
    Thank you for your wonderful comment this morning.
    Have a pretty day!

  3. A pound is a the right direction! Keep going :)

  4. You lost a pound! Thats really great! I go through the same feelings though, like a pound somehow means I'm not working hard enough but the fact of the matter is that a pound a week is still 52lbs a year and thats pretty good.

    YAY YOU!