Friday, August 20, 2010

247.1 (-2.1)

I can't wait to cruise everyone's blog this weekend to find some inspiration. While I had a bit of a loss, this hasn't been a great week for me. I found myself spending more time on my butt than I would've liked and - at the core of it - I just know I could have done better.

The week started off pretty well. My friend and I upped our running spurts to 4 minutes with walk breaks in-between. Our first run went really well and I felt like a rock-star because we even did more intervals that we needed to. The next day, a poor choice in socks left me with a horrible blister afterwards. Ouch. Anyway, things went downhill from there. I haven't run in 3 days. I'm not counting my 7-minute stint on the treadmill last night. :P

It was the same story for food. I demonstrated a fantastic effort for the first half of the week. Then, as things got busy with work, I stopped meal planning and went into scavenger mode. Things got ugly. It culminated in a feast of linguine with pan-seared scallops in a homemade garlic, butter & cream sauce last night. That's what happens when there are no tomatoes or pasta sauce in the house! Oh least Hubs was happy: "YES! We get to have something GOOD for once. Can I make garlic bread!?". ha ha ha

I have to get my mojo back to take me through the weekend. It is going to be full of temptation. Some good friends are hosting a BBQ tomorrow (I'm on salad duty!) and then my mom, sister and niece are coming for a Girls Weekend. I'm going to plan to make meals at home while getting in some activities that will keep us moving (maybe a trip to the zoo with a picnic?).

There are only about 2 weeks left in Clyde's iTouch challenge and I'm 10-pounds from my goal. I'm going to have to be relentless from here on out!!!


Does anyone have any good blister remedies apart from a blister bandaid?


  1. My week was flipped - started out horrible then ended on an upswing. Hopefully you can hit it hard this weekend!!

  2. I find I get like that too. I'll be super motivated and on plan, then my husband will come home and be like "let's order a pizza!" and there goes my diet for the week. Just keep on trucking you can do it!!

  3. Yay for the loss! Sorry you had a tough week. Tomorrow is a new day...don't dwell on the past!

    I got my capris at Target for about $20!

  4. Everyone has rough weeks every now and then. Just pick yourself back up and keep going! You have done great so far and you will keep doing great. It's okay to let your body rest! I'm learning that now :)

  5. I say just use that challenge as inspiration, not expectation. Love the time with friends and family this weekend, be guilt-free about the delicious-sounding pasta... Just throw in a long walk with someone you love and be content. You've been doing so well. This will not ruin you. It will make you happy. We need that from time to time. Next week will be new, and you'll have great memories to replay while you do your regular workout.

  6. Way to be down 2lbs, though! That's pretty good, considering. Those scallops sound divine, btw.

    Don't beat yourself up. You're already planning ahead for the weekend and getting back on track. You'll do great!

  7. Rae, don't beat yourself up. You have so much drive, I know you will get back at it. Sometimes we have to go into scavenger mode, but this is a ride for the rest of our lives. Bumps in the road are part of the process. Continued success.

  8. OK - I am a focus-on-the-positive kind of person so let's review.

    #1 - YOU LOST WEIGHT! That's the goal here!

    #2 - You increased your running intensity!

    #3 - You were successful some of the week, and you have a good plan (the zoo) for the weekend.

    Go with that and you will get over this tiny little digression. Plus, somehow I think Clyde will be happy for you even if you only lose 5 lbs between now and the end of the challenge becuase you are still making progress toward your goal of being healthier!

  9. It wont help with an already formed blister, but a friend of mine gave me a great tip for preventing them. Whenever you start to feel that 'hot spot' of a blister forming, slap some duct tape on it. This actually works! Also, there is a product called Body Glide for preventing blisters. I just don't have any. I have duct tape. ;)

  10. Our weight loss matches this week - 2lbs is a great loss, don't let your impatient inner-self tell you otherwise. Well done!

    And you ran - that's the opposite of slobbing out. Well done!

    And the scallops - they're just one meal. All those other meals, you made the right choices. Well done!

    The BBQ - there'll be loads of gorgeous char-grilled vegetables, and all those fab summer salads, the best time of year to dive in to a salad bowl. Enjoy them, and feel your waistline getting smaller with every mouthful. Go Rae!

    And the blister - yeah, that was stupid! But hey, that's OK, we all make mistakes. Wear more than one pair of socks, the more layers, the less likely blisters.

  11. The statistics people say don't be fooled by results - you are right to maintain your urgency. Glad you got results; go get some more! ;-)

  12. Congrats on the 2 pounds lost! Thank you for the welcome back. I'm really happy to be back.

  13. First time visiting your blog...Congrats on all your success so far and I wish you nothing but continued success. I love your goal to run 5 miles by May and there's not a doubt in my mind that you'll not just reach that goal, but slaughter it! Keep it up!

  14. Oh Rae! Our weeks sound soo similar. My motivation has been in the negative. Maybe this week will be better for both of us!

  15. Its frustrating when stupid things like a blister can derail you! Hope it heals fast and you are up and running again real soon!

  16. hey rae! hope you've found your mojo (maybe it's under the couch with a cheeto, a button, a hair elastic and five bucks!).

    you've left me dreaming of linguine with pan-seared scallops in a homemade garlic, butter & cream sauce. your hubs is a lucky boy!