Thursday, March 3, 2011

takin' pills

No, I'm not medicated. But I did suck-it-up and take a piece of this proverbial medication since my last post:

Thanks to all who offered such sympathetic and encouraging comments in response to my freak-out of Charlie Sheen proportions (ie. epic!). Double-thanks to those who forced me to take a hard look at why things were the way they were. I'm not normally one for self-loathing and glass-half-empty perspectives, but I was at my whit's end.

You were right. Things got better. Batch cooking helped. Forcing myself to get in some exercise really helped. Requesting & gaining approval to hire 2 new team members helped even more. ;)

Love you!


  1. Hey Rae! I have been meaning to "click" on you as I see we comment on similar blogs! thanks for checking my blog out--I look forward to reading more about you!

  2. glad things are looking up for you!

  3. Aw, I'm glad you are doing better, girl!

  4. delegation - got to love it :) Glad you're feeling better & less stressed.

  5. Glad things are looking up :)

  6. the chill pill!!! hee hee hee.

    I've been in need of that, too!

    Glad things are getting better!

    Also, glad you are not hooked on the newest diet drug!

  7. Yay. The world in round again. In Canada.

  8. Oh girl! This is NO way to live. Yes, delegate. Prioritize. Do what you have to do to be happy. Your husband is a stanger- NOT GOOD.
    This isn't good for your health , mental or physical! I LOVE me a good vent! Topped off with an f bomb. Perfect! ( :
    Have a pretty day! I mean it!

  9. TWO new team members? Tell me how you did it - I need to have a talk with my boss! ;-)

    Seriously, really glad to read this.

  10. Well done, Rae.

    By the way, have I ever told you that my daughter is named Rachel and we nickname her "Rae"? Makes you pretty special in my book.